“Only 45 minutes from the very best treatment”

Jaxon B.
Rocky Face, GA

In February 2014, Jason and Tiffany thought a sinus infection was causing their son’s headaches and nausea. But medications to treat young Jaxon’s infection weren’t working. In fact, his symptoms were getting worse. Rushing from their home in Rocky Face to the Children’s Hospital emergency department, Jaxon’s parents had no idea of the true cause of their son’s illness.

A CT scan revealed a large tumor in his brain. Within days, neurosurgeon Daniel Kueter, MD, had successfully removed a portion of the tumor and pathology tests determined that it was malignant. Pediatric Oncologist Jennifer Keates, MD, informed Jaxon’s parents that he had a rare and aggressive tumor known as sPNET, which stands for supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor. Only 21⁄2 percent of childhood brain tumors fall into this rare type.

Today, Jaxon has completed his treatment plan, including chemotherapy and radiation. His parents say they feel like part of an exclusive family at Children’s Hospital – and are grateful that caring family is nearby.

“The doctors are approachable and so willing to answer a parent’s questions,” says Tiffany. “And it’s been comforting to know that our home is only 45 minutes away from a place that can provide the very best treatment for my child.”

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